Mega Antioxidant Face Mask Testimonial by Alexis Tarczy

April 14, 2023

Product Testimonial of Organic Body Éssentials' Mega Antioxidant Face Mask by Alexis Tarczy

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alexis Tarczy

Alexis Tarczy: I purchased Organic Body Éssentials' Mega Antioxidant Face Mask. Honestly, for a few reasons. One, I was looking for an affordable face mask, but not one from a drug store that was going to make me break out. I've tried a lot of different face masks that promised a lot of different things. And ultimately, all I got was relentless acne breakouts after every time I used them. And so that was kind of my biggest reason for trying this. I checked out the ingredients and There's literally 1..2..3..4. Four ingredients total, unlike the 20+ that the other masks I tried used. And all of them I can pronounce and understand what they are, which is kind of crazy. So... and it smells delicious. And the second I got it, I was like, 'oh this is why I tried this product.'

Describe your experience with our products! ?

Alexis Tarczy: I've been using this mask, the Mega Antioxidant Face Mask for about three years now. I want to say, once I tried it, I never tried another mask again. It is the only thing that truly helps my face, especially when it's struggling with a rough patch of breakouts versus like I said, every other thing I've tried that just absolutely broke me out more. It's really easy to use. I apply it with a mask applicator after washing my face and it smells amazing. You can feel it working. Not only from a sensation on your skin that just feels really refreshing and cleansing, but it also, you can see it harden and see the clay mask change color so that you know when it's nearing the end of.. you know, needing to be taken off. It's amazing. And afterwards, my skin feels so refreshed. I feel like I'm glowing. And then any tough breakouts that I'm having, the mask really helps to, pull out the grossness in there, refresh my skin, helps my breakouts like heal really, really fast. It's amazing.

What makes Organic Body Éssentials different?

Alexis Tarczy: Organic Body Éssentials is different for a lot of reasons. One, because the ingredients that they use are absolutely top notch. Everything is, is usually, I believe all food grade ingredients, which is why the products can actually expire, which if you look at your other products on your skin care shelf, they probably don't expire because they're made with a lot of preservatives. These ingredients are amazing. My favorite product, the Mega Antioxidant Face Mask just has grapeseed flour, witch hazel extract, vitamin E oil, and rosemary antioxidant. That's literally it and it makes my face feel amazing. And I just know that every single one of these four ingredients in this face mask were handpicked by the Organic Body Éssentials team for their great benefits on your skin. And use safety of it that you can use on your skin. I have really sensitive skin and I've never had an issue with this mask or the other products I've tried from their body line to their chapstick - it is one of the things I carry with me every single place I go. And so I just absolutely trust everything that Organic Body Éssentials puts out and the care that they put into each of their formulas, each of their products and every batch I try. I'm just satisfied to the most amazing extent.

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