What will YOU do with an extra $1,500 this September?

July 20, 2023

Sam Kubernick, President of Oregon AFSCME Local 1085, shares what he will use his $1500 COLA bonus for

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samuel Kubernick

What will you do with your $1,500 COLA payment in September??

Samuel Kubernick: Hi, my name is Sam Knick. I'm with local 1085. Ask me at the Oregon Department of Justice or the Oregon Association of Justice Attorneys. I'm super grateful for the hard work that we all did this contract period, including getting a $1500.01 time bonus payment that we should receive in September of 2023. It'll just help me and my family out a lot. I'll be able to pay off a couple of sort of long term financing bills, purchases that will just help the monthly budget to have those taken care of. So, I'm super grateful for that for all the hard work that a me and myself and the rest of the team did. And I'm just so glad with the collective bargaining agreement. We achieved this cycle. Thanks.

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