S Ambani Group ORBITVU USA Testimonial Square

October 11, 2022

ORBITVU USA Customer Testimonial from S Ambani Group.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Pete Shultis, Operations Manager, S. Ambani Group

S Ambani Group is the proud owner of the following ORBITVU System:

Alphashot XL Pro v2

Please tell us your name, role, and a brief description of the company you work for.

Pete Shultis: My name is Pete Shultis and I am the Operations Manager for S. Ambati Group, we are multi division distributor of premium cigars and accessories throughout the United States and internationally.

What challenges in your imaging process led you to ORBITVU. How are the ORBITVU systems addressing those challenges.

Pete Shultis: I suppose one of the biggest challenges we faced was the tediousness of the process of taking all the photos for our portfolio. We have thousands of items and each individual photo required a lot of time to get accurate, tweak, and crop out using various Software. To be able to condense that into one main platform was a big time saver for us. I think that's why we were looking for a solution and we found it with ORBITVU.

Sum up your ORBITVU experience and let us know in your own words how you feel about the system. Would you recommend this solution to others?

Pete Shultis: ORBITVU has transformed the way we look at product photography. It certainly increased the efficiency and more importantly, the creativity that we have with our products. And I think back to 10 years ago and it's amazing to see where technology has come. I never imagined that we'd have a system this automated and this efficient to handle the type of graphic design and marketing style that we go for. But it has been a solution that has been perfect for us. I thank the ORBITVU team for being so dedicated with their customers. Being able to jump on a call and answer any questions, to help the customer get to know the software and be confident with it so all the capabilities could be used fully. And I would absolutely recommend this software to any company that wants to save time with taking photos being efficient and being successful when it comes to a graphic marketing perspective. So yes.

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