Michael Monos for ORBITVU USA Video Testimonials

November 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Monos, Owner, Newrome Press

Newrome Press is the proud owner of the following ORBITVU System:


Please tell us your name, role, and a brief description of the company you work for.

Michael Monos: My name is Michael Monos. I'm the principal and founder of Newrome Press, a small Orthodox Christian publishing company based in Columbia Missouri.

Tell us about the challenges you faced in your imaging process and what ORBITVU features addressed your needs.

Michael Monos: Prior to finding ORBITVU, we were challenged with the imaging process, which was basically chaotic. We were sometimes sending products out, sometimes using local photographers. We were doing our own image processing with Photoshop, which we are not experts in. We had light boxes, light stands, we had various tools, cameras and we had tried to cobble things together, to make a system that worked, and it simply didn't work. It was problematic in many different ways. Most presently, it was totally inefficient and was wasting our time.

Sum up your ORBITVU experience and let us know in your own words how you feel about the system. Would you recommend this solution to others?

Michael Monos: When we first saw ORBITVU on the website, the company website, we said, okay, this is what we need. This is an all comprehensive integrated tool that resolves and will solve we hoped all of our problems and that's what happened. You know, I spoke to sales, I found out that they had a top down solution that we could afford and manage. Which is what we needed for book photography. From sales to remote installation software training, we realized in ORBITVU a solution to all of our imaging problems and we absolutely love it. It is just an incredible tool that I would unreservedly recommend to anybody who needs product photography solutions that don't simply give you a camera in a box but a software solution that is just absolutely second to none and an incredible tool that makes a product photography enjoyable actually because previously we were annoyed. We were struggling to get things done and photographs produced of products that reflected our pride in our product. And ORBITVU made that something, I'll just say it became fun. It's a great system. We love to use it and it's absolutely unlike anything else in the market.

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