Kent Fleming for ORBITVU USA Video Testimonials Square

October 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kent Fleming, Director of Media Services, PureRED

PureRED is the proud owner of the following ORBITVU Systems:

Alphastudio XXL, Alphahot XL Pro v2 and Alphatable

Please tell us your name, role, and a brief description of the company you work for.

Kent Fleming: Hello, my name is Kent Fleming I am the director of Media Services with PureRED We are a full service advertising agency.

What challenges in your imaging process led you to ORBITVU. How are the ORBITVU systems addressing those challenges.

Kent Fleming: The challenges that we faced are not uncommon, frankly in the industry, quicker turnarounds. Do it fast, get it uploaded. What the ORBITVU systems allow us us to do, however, is really push our processes to a maximum. We can set up multiple view captures with one press of a button and capture 68 different angles of a product and have those completed and uploaded and ready to be digested in a matter of a few minutes. Seeing that we could do this, plus the options for doing 360s and various videos. It was just a natural fit for us, and it it allowed us to react quicker, move faster and do a lot more photography in a given day than we'd ever done in the past.

Sum up your ORBITVU experience and let us know in your own words how you feel about the system.

Kent Fleming: Yeah, I can sum up our ORBITVU experience in one word versatility. These systems give a photographer amazing control over not just lighting, but shadow masking both before the shot and after the shot. And it allows us to really fine tune images and frankly, create beautiful work that we were unable to do on previous systems that we've tried in the past. This versatility is not just a matter of assisting the photographer, but it's also in the type of imagery that we can capture. We can do stills, we can do videos, we can do 360's. We can do stop animation on the systems. We continue to discover different and unique ways to use the systems, to just capture and make beautiful imagery for e commerce, for social media campaigns and yeah, versatility. It's the name of the game and it's what ORBITVU is all about.

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