For Hyundai Capital America_DEI_OrbisComm

April 09, 2024


Video Transcript

Speaker: Elissa Buxbaum

Elissa Buxbaum and Donald Macintyre

Elissa Buxbaum: Hi Tania We're really excited to meet you and your DE I Council. Our goal as partners is to support you in the awareness and change- making efforts. you're already building at Hyundai Capital. America. I'm Melissa Buxbaum. I've spent 20 years as a diversity, equity and inclusion professional, mostly with large companies and universities. I'm passionate about supporting DEI officers. Our team helps to infuse DEI principles throughout the functions of the entire organization. As you know, it's not one person's job who has the diversity and inclusion title. At an international company like yours, It's also important to start with intercultural communication and to combine it with helping people get comfortable with recognizing identity and bias. Our approach is positive and skills based.

DonaldM: Hi, Tanya, as ELISA says that communication piece is critical, working at big financial firms. I saw how important clear communication can be when employees use clear simple language. It's just easier to bridge those cultural divides, fewer mistakes get made, trust grows. So you get better collaboration across your team and a more productive workplace. I'm Donald, I'm a co-founder of Orbis leadership and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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