Orbis Leadership Courses: Results you can Measure

September 30, 2023

Leadership communication training should deliver results you can measure and benefits that last.

Video Transcript

Orbis Leadership Courses: Results you can Measure.

When I was a journalist at Time magazine and Bloomberg, I learned how to use clear, simple language to communicate. When I became the head of a corporate communications team at a bank in Asia, I realized that clear communication is just as important in the world of business. Leaders spend 80% of their time communicating and when employees communicate clearly, that's good for business, too.

What are the benefits of communication training?

Studies show that good communication improves employee engagement and productivity. But often barriers to communication cause project delays ... missed sales opportunities. In fact, one estimate for US companies shows that the cost per employee of poor communication is as much as $12,000 a year. The bottom line? Good communication is good for productivity and profits.

Do workshops deliver lasting benefits?

We start with a communications audit to see where you're at today and what your team really needs. We'll do a pre- and post-workshop assessment. We'll follow up with additional coaching if required and additional learning resources and then we'll collect the data so you can see the long-term impact on your team. Because we think that the benefits of a workshop should endure long after the last participant is back on the job.

We know you're busy ...

All our full-day workshops can also be delivered as a series of shorter weekly sessions. In person or online.

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