Introducing Orbis Leadership

September 29, 2023

Leadership communication skills for leaders - and aspiring leaders.

Video Transcript

Introducing Orbis Leadership

Leaders communicate. Communicators lead.

We help leaders and aspiring leaders become better communicators. We offer specialized courses for senior executives and intermediate-level training for managers and high performers. We also work with front office staff and IT teams on the basics of clear, concise communication.

How do you help senior executives?

We work with senior executives to deepen their understanding of the language of leadership, how effective leaders use words to engage and inspire and influence their teams. We offer courses in business storytelling and communicating with international teams. Or maybe your executives just need a media training, refresh.

Can all employees benefit from communication training?

Managers, directors, high performers - they all need to be confident communicators as they move into more senior roles. So we help them build out their communication tool kit - with writing and presentation skills, how to speak like a leader or how to manage a social media crisis.

What about front and back office staff?

You want your front office staff to communicate clearly in a way that aligns with your brand. Your back office teams - IT - need to be able to explain what they do in simple, nontechnical language. We have workshops for that, too.

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