Lidiana Mocko - CRM Growth Strategy

September 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lidiane Mocko, Founder & Principal, CRM Growth Strategy

Lidiane Mocko

Founder & Principal - CRM Growth Strategy

Lidiane Mocko: I am Lidiane Mocko I am the Principal at CRM Growth Strategy We help organizations to implement CRM systems, more specifically Salesforce.

Working with Optitude

Lidiane Mocko: I worked with Brian on my first project with him back in 2019 and Brian was helping an organization to establish their sales processes and their growth and he knew that a CRM was a key part of it and that's when we started working together. I think Brian brings his background from his background working in corporate America and the attitude of working smart and instead of working hard, you know and leveraging data and systems, which is great. It's so rare for me to find someone who is on the sales side and really embraces the value of having a CRM system configured and having a sales process embedded within the CRM and leveraging the data to make strategic decisions for the organization. So I was really impressed with him and the work that he has been doing with Optitude. Yeah, that's it. I think Brian is amazing and what he provides is really unique and a great guy to work with.

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