Customer Review: Isabella D., Healthcare | OptimoRoute

November 09, 2023

Isabella D. reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities for a healthcare company.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Isabella D., Researcher

Introduce yourself and your business.

Isabella D.: Hi, I'm Bella. I first decided that I need to use OptimoRoute for my research business because we need to transport bio specimen samples back to our lab and we need to keep track of our participants. And it has been a really great platform to use for keeping track of addresses, time windows, setting specific days and times for participants to pick up and drop off things to our lab in different locations. It's been a super great platform to organize and send routes to our drivers. We have a lot of different participants and so we need to keep track of a lot of different routes and drivers. And so OptimoRoute has been really helpful in doing that.

How has OptimoRoute changed the way you work?

Isabella D.: OptimoRoute has made working a lot more efficient because of its ability to plan routes for us. I've just been able to input all of the addresses we need and it does everything for me which has been super great.

What are your 3 favorite things?

Isabella D.: My three favorite things are the estimated time windows that they provide. So I can give participants an update about when they can expect us to arrive at their home. I like the fact that we can also input our own time windows for participants. So if they've requested a specific pickup time, I can input that in there. And the third thing I like is that I can change the time window of the driver that I want. So I can select a specific time based on when the hours of the driver are working specifically and it will fit in the routes directly into that time window.

What about speed and flexibility?

Isabella D.: OptimoRoute has been excellent for speed and flexibility. It's a super easy platform to use and to input all my information in there. I really like the fact that when I put addresses in, it adds all the information manually, I mean, automatically. So I don't have to do anything myself. It literally takes 5 minutes to set up the route. It's wonderful.

Describe OptimoRoute in a few words.

Isabella D.: I would describe OptimoRoute as an efficient, helpful platform to run for courier services and other driving needs.

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