Customer Review: ReMax Champions, Real Estate Business | OptimoRoute

November 09, 2023

Kareem G. from ReMax Champions reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kareem G., Realtor, ReMax Champions

Introduce yourself and your business.

Kareem G.: Hello, my name is Karem Gates with ReMax Champions in Southern California area, Los Angeles suburb. And I use OptimoRoute for prospecting for expired and other leads. I realized I needed OptimoRoute because sometimes you can have 50 or more addresses that you're trying to prospect and putting them into driving directions or something of that nature is very tedious, takes a long time and it does not optimize the routes as needed. OptimoRoute is amazing. Literally I can download a CSV file, upload it in OptimoRoute and get the driving directions and everything in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. And at times this can be 50 or 60 different addresses that I'm looking at - gives me the best routes and it just makes everything streamlined. I can say that OptimRoute saves me hours in just preparing these lists by itself. So it's a great tool to have. It will be something that I'll be using for the entirety of my career and I always suggest other people to use it. It is a great tool, nothing better, phenomenal - makes everything streamlined and it's a great help. I love OptimRoute.

Why did you choose OptimoRoute and what benefits have you experienced?

Kareem G.: The reason why I chose OptimoRoute is because I was putting addresses into driving directions and it would just take too long. You had an option of A to Z, which I believe is like 27 addresses, you'd put them in, but it wouldn't optimize the route. So that was the reason why I chose it. I needed something that was better. And it has been very good. The experience has been phenomenal, it's been great. It's been a good benefit, time saving by putting the route in and time saving by how it optimizes the best way to go. It's drastically changed the way I work. It makes me more motivated to get out there and do what I do because I know that I'm doing it as efficiently as possible. There's no more efficient way that it can be done. And with that, when you wake up in the morning and you're getting ready to get out there and beat the pavement, knowing that you're doing it efficiently, helps a great deal. So it actually helps me wake up in the morning and then get to work.

What are your 3 favorite things?

Kareem G.: My 3 favorite things about OptimoRoute is being able to download a CSV to upload it in OptimoRoute. Being able to send that route or addresses to my cell phone from my laptop. And also being able to sometimes reject an address once I get there if I don't like it. So these are the things that I love about it, that it makes everything again very efficient. And I'm actually able to sometimes go back and look at addresses that I didn't get in contact with and can go back over those again. And a lot of times I can pick up from where I left off too. So sometimes I'm not able to finish a route that I've planned for the day but I can just go back the next day, turn on the app and it picks right up from where I left off. So, these are the things that I do like about it - being able to download the CSV, sending it over to my phone, and then just the way the app works once I'm out in the field using it.

What has been your experience with speed and flexibility?

Kareem G.: Speed and flexibility are core to OptimoRoute and my experiences have been with these is that it makes things fast. Again, I'm motivated to go out and work because I have something that's gonna make my job a lot easier. So it's not just speed and flexibility but the ease of using it. And it makes everything fast. I could literally do, you know, plan my day in 30 minutes with whatever new leads are in my system to get those leads in OptimoRoute. And then once I have an optimal route - send it to my phone. So my experience with that has been, it has been great, OptimoRoute has helped me make, you know, by using the app maybe $60,000 in the past year just by using OptimoRoute, so that's great.

Describe OptimoRoute in a few words.

Kareem G.: If I had to describe OptimoRoute. In a few words, OptimoRoute is just as good as like a family member. I would say OptimoRoute is like family - they don't let you down, they're there when you need them, and you love them. So OptimoRoute is family.

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