OptimoRoute Customer Reviews

December 15, 2023

OptimoRoute customers review its route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alvin Lee S., Owner, The Goods Delivery Service

Tell us about your company and why you chose OptimoRoute.

Dustin H.: My name is Dustin Hamilton. I work with The Realty Medics. We're a property management company and the reason why we chose OptimoRoute is because it allows us to keep track of where our inspectors are at and really optimize their schedules in order to cut down on time and fill in with more inspections. It's been really a great resource for us in property management.

How did you plan routes before?

Angie Sarah G.: So prior to using OptimoRoute, I would have to do things by hand, write things out, check on a another notebook: Did I do this location before? When do we need to do this again? Ok, you know what, let's just try an Excel spreadsheet, insert everything. But still, what and when did I do those things? Ok, maybe I can try to look at some type of Google Maps and chart it out that way. It was just very time consuming. I would say two hours a night, just trying to get the schedule together and kind of memorize what you did. But as soon as OptimoRoute was something we utilized, I just realized it's very user friendly. It allowed us to put things in and in a way, it gave you the best of both worlds. I can automate stuff where I know where I want things to go. But I can still manually change things around that I needed to. If one location needed something done earlier in the day and another location might be nearest to a location, it would automatically have me go to that first one, but it allowed me to change it over and say, you know what, I don't want to go to this first one first. I would rather go to here first. So it became very customizable, very user friendly. And of course, I'm a big coupony person. So it's very cost effective. Utilizing it.

How has OptimoRoute helped your business?

Frank R.: Man, OptimoRoute has been a game changer for me and my company. Most importantly, our customers as we know in this industry, customer satisfaction is what matters most. The customers have been thrilled when I offered this, I just kind of started implementing it without telling them and they got the text and as soon as that automatic text went out that I had scheduled through OptimoRoute, I was getting texts and emails from customers saying: Unbelievable add, thank you very much. It's just really helping me out especially down here in South Florida when it can be hot outside, you know, we use cooler bags, however, you know, if we don't tell the customer other than: Hey, deliveries are made on Sunday, you know, and they don't know when that could be, so we could get there at 8 a.m. and they might not be home 'till 6 and and that can be an issue. So with OptimoRoute, they're getting automated text messages the night before telling them: Here is your estimated time of delivery. And obviously, if that route changes or any updates, they have a live tracker and they can see where the delivery driver is so they can plan their day accordingly. People are getting their food in the refrigerator much more efficiently. It's been working out great. And on the other side of things, our drivers couldn't be more happy. The app is so easy to use. They know exactly where they're going on the routes. You know, so for me as an owner, when those two things are clicking - my drivers are happy and my customers are happy - I'm obviously very happy. So I'm very pleased with OptimoRoute, it's been great so far.

Allison L.: Additionally, my customers get a very sleek branded text and email to track the driver and so it just looks more polished. I sell higher end items so it feels like a higher end shopping experience to complete that whole shopping experience. And because what I sell, I sell online and my customers get their vintage furniture delivered directly. Their last point of contact with me is the delivery system. And so I want that to be as smooth as possible, So that it feels cohesive with the whole experience of shopping.

Alvin Lee S.: If I was able to finish my deliveries in a day early, then I'm able to focus on my business - on the admin side, on the HR side, whatever other hat I was wearing. It allowed me that ability to put the focus on that when necessary because OptimoRoute increases, like, in a very exponential way how fast I'm able to complete my deliveries.

Stephanie L.: It's really helped our organization with time saving, efficiency, process streamlining, and our volunteers, surprisingly, they love it. We weren't sure because a lot of our volunteers are seniors themselves. So using technology and getting on an iPad, we thought there would be a lot of negative feedback to that. But we have received very positive feedback and they really enjoy using OptimoRoute and some of them won't even do it without it.

Orlando F.: OptimoRoute has saved our company time and fuel and enabled us to be more efficient for the simple fact that we don't have to cross each other, we don't have to double back. It can be separated throughout 4 to 5 drivers and they can all do their part. And if need be, we can add pieces from different routes to drivers' routes that are done sooner so that we can be efficient. So it has saved us time and money.

How easy is OptimoRoute to use?

Sean R.: Honestly, that was one of the first things I noticed about using OptimoRoute is the, how easy it is to use, very user friendly. They have great instructions online, and I was able to pick it up, you know, within a day or two.

John I.: OptimoRoute is very easy to use. I'm a Developer, it was my job to integrate our systems and work with it. I found their API to be exceptionally easy to use with some simple instructions. I was up and running straight away with some help from the tech team at OptimoRoute who are very friendly and responsive. I had us up and set up within days and as things have come out, more and more features have been released and they've been integrated and we've picked those up and the driver greatly enjoys using the OptimoRoute App.

Stephanie S.: OptimoRoute is beyond easy to use. It is so user friendly and the support team is available 24/7 and always able to answer any and all questions we've ever had.

How did OptimoRoute help with flexibility?

Case R.: Flexibility was one of the most important things, and OptimoRoute has made it also flexible and has made it to where I can create my day in a way that I'm actually even home sooner than I would have expected.

Dan F.: We need to be flexible where other things come up, how things change and we need to adapt. And so OptimoRoute gives us the tools to be able to do that takes a lot of the thinking space out of the equation and just enables us to come up with a solution that we never can trust.

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