Customer Review: Container Brewing, Beverage Delivery | OptimoRoute

November 09, 2023

Dan W. from Container Brewing reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan W., Owner, Container Brewing Ltd.

Introduce yourself and your business.

Dan W.: Hey, my name's Dan. I'm with Container Brewing Ltd. We're a brewery. You probably guessed that already. Up here in East Vancouver, Canada. And yeah, this is just a quick little video to sort of give my double thumbs up on OptimoRoute. I've used other tools in the past and found that they were honestly just not as good, not as robust as OptimoRoute. It's very easy for us to import the daily routes for drivers. There are some of our customers that like to actually receive the, you know, sort of live tracking link and, estimates of delivery, which is obviously something super handy that OptimoRoute provides. The ability to, of course, customize a priority is huge for us. And then of course, from the end-user standpoint, our driver with the mobile app, it just makes it real easy knowing what's coming, being able to enter notes so that they are aware of anything special at the delivery or pickup - whatever it may be. And yeah, all in all, it is just a great tool, fairly intuitive, pretty easy to use. I don't think I ever have used support to be honest with you because, it is that easy. But obviously I imagine support is great too. So there you go. What can I tell you, get in there, use it and, I think you'll be happy with it. Thanks very much.

How has OptimoRoute changed the way you work?

Dan W.: We chose OptimoRoute ultimately having tested others because of its simplicity for us anyway to use. We found that though it's pretty easy to use, it's still fairly robust. You know, it's able to easily import our orders for the day and then of course, the end user, our driver with the app knowing what's coming, notes that need to be paid attention to, whether there's pickup of empties in our case with breweries, you know, kegs or whether there's, you know, anything specific that needs to be drawn attention to.

Describe OptimoRoute in a few words.

Dan W.: My quick elevator pitch for OptimoRoute - an easy, intuitive, web-based system for planning your delivery routes with a fantastic mobile app as well.

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