Customer Review: Tales of India, Retail Delivery | OptimoRoute

December 15, 2023

Fatimah D., Tales of India reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fatimah D., Managing Director, Tales Of India

Why did you choose OptimoRoute for your business?

Fatimah D.: Hi, guys, I run an ecommerce business and I deliver groceries to customers. The reason I chose OptimoRoute was because it is actually quite user friendly. It delivers the information I require and it's very easy to use and accurate as well.

How did you plan routes before OptimoRoute?

Fatimah D.: So, before using OptimoRoute we were very old school. So we would put everything in an Excel file, we'd put it on Google, we'd actually strategize what's the best route and then pass on the details on a spreadsheet to our drivers. It was you know, not very user friendly because now all you need to do is click on a button and the drivers know exactly where to go without needing to manually type it in. So we were doing it quite old school.

How has OptimoRoute helped your business?

Fatimah D.: So OptimoRoute has actually got certain features that made it really good for my business and made it quite efficient. So it helped us save time because we manually didn't have to enter it on our maps and you know, send drivers' routes. It was just one app pump and the drivers got where they had to go. It also helped us track our drivers and exactly do customer service because many of the time customers called us and said: Where exactly is your parcel? And we could jump on to see live tracking and that was a really cool feature, our customers getting updates automatically. So instead of doing everything manually, they received a text message and an email once the order was on the way, once the order was delivered, which made communication quite good as well. And lastly, it also sent a survey, so when customers were happy or upset, they would be able to just click one and give us a feedback which we were able to jump in on and sort it out.

How easy is OptimoRoute to use?

Fatimah D.: So it's very easy to use and any person can use it. I'm, I'm not that tech savvy but it was simple, easy to upload your routes. I use, I use WooCommerce, so I'm able to just export a file and just upload it. Using Excel, it can import bulk orders in one go. So instead of manually needing to enter, it's quite easy, it's quite fast and even planning the route is quite efficient. You just have to click a button and it actually plans for you what is the most ideal route for the driver to take. So it definitely saves a lot of my time.

How important are speed and flexibility for your business?

Fatimah D.: Look, speed and flexibility is very important for my business. And that was one reason why I actually moved from my current manual system to looking for a software and I did research for many softwares and just tested them. And OptimoRoute was it - it was cost efficient, It dealt with exactly everything I needed and it makes things very fast and I can actually change stuff. So if I've even pushed a route out and the car drivers are on the way I can change it and the drivers just would be notified that, hey, that's been updated on your route - that we really loved. If customers called us to make some changes or cancellation, rejected an order, we could do so.

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