Customer Review: Novel Beverage, Beverage Delivery | OptimoRoute

December 15, 2023

Sean R. from Novel Beverage Co. reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sean R., General Manager, Novel Beverage

Why did you choose OptimoRoute for your business?

Sean R.: My name is Sean Rand, I'm the General Manager of Novel Beverage Co, Massachusetts. We are a top of the line beverage company specializing in cannabis infused beverages. It's been one of my passions, been in the beverage industry for years. You know, just happy to be partnering with OptimoRoute.

How did you manage route planning before?

Sean R.: I planned our routes before purchasing OptimoRoute with an Excel spreadsheet, which was going back and forth between Google Maps and the addresses in a database of the dispensaries. It is a vast difference from the capabilities of OptimoRoute.

How has OptimoRoute helped your business?

Sean R.: OptimoRoute has helped our businesses in multiple ways, efficiency on our delivery routes, live tracking and it also enables us to meet certain compliance regulations from the CCC regarding, you know, live vehicle tracking and whatnot. It has helped us out tremendously and taken a lot of stress off of our shoulders.

How easy is OptimoRoute to use?

Sean R.: Honestly, that was one of the first things I noticed about using OptimoRoute is the how easy it is to use, very user friendly. They have great instructions online, I was able to pick it up, you know, within a day or two.

How important are speed and flexibility for your business?

Sean R.: Speed and flexibility are definitely important in our industry. And you know, people are expecting their deliveries, they're expecting them on time. Certain people have delivery windows that are very strict. So to be able to make these changes on the fly with OptimoRoute, put in delivery windows, open hours, has helped us tremendously and eliminated wasted trips and wasted hours on the truck.

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