Customer Review: Fresh Ayam King, Food Delivery | OptimoRoute

December 19, 2023

Lee J.Y. from Fresh Ayam King reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lee J.Y., Operations, Fresh Ayam King

Why did you choose OptimoRoute?

Lee J.Y.: Hi there, it's Lee here. So we are in chicken poultry business. Basically, we use OptimoRoute to do routing arrangements for our clients. And why did I choose to use OptimoRoute is because there isn't any limit to the number of stops that we can use on one specific route. And I don't have to split up to 2 to 3 times if I have, let's say, like 100 orders to route them up every single time. So basically, the convenience that OptimoRoute gave to us is very helpful. And I would definitely recommend it to all the other users who haven't tried OptimoRoute.

How did you plan routes before?

Lee J.Y.: So before I actually get to know about OptimoRoute, I was actually using Google map to do routing arrangements. And it was quite a manual work that I have to have to complete because there is a limitation of up to 10 stops that you can use on Google map and that is a huge hassle for me because if, let's say, I have 100 orders, I have to do it 10 times. But with OptimoRoute, there isn't any limitation and I can just put everything into an Excel sheet and I can just import the Excel template into OptimoRoute system and all the details will be listed out in the website directly. That's the benefit that OptimoRoute can present.

How has OptimoRoute helped you?

Lee J.Y.: Using OptimoRoute definitely saves up a lot of time in terms of routing arrangements because I can just use the template provided and include all the details that I need and just import the Excel sheet directly into the system. And it also helps us to track our driver as to where is the driver's current location. And also the routing optimization basically help us to get more fuel savings as our driver doesn't have to drive on an unnecessary route where it will waste up more fuel. So in return, we will get more savings in terms of our fuel cost and overall operation cost will just be optimized.

How easy is OptimoRoute to use?

Lee J.Y.: OptimoRoute is very user friendly. Basically, you will be getting an Excel template, a template directly from the system. Basically, you just put in the info required into the template and you can just import the template back into the system every time you need to do routing arrangements. And basically it is very easy to use. There isn't much hassle for the template provided. So basically all you need to do is just to follow the instructions provided and you are good to go.

How important are speed and flexibility for you?

Lee J.Y.: Speed and flexibility is actually very important to us, especially when we are in trading business and where we promise our customers next day delivery. So having a system and services such as what OptimoRoute offers, it definitely helps us to keep our promises and increase our work efficiency. As because using an efficient system basically saves us from wasting our time trying to fine tune here and there. So and this is exactly what OptimoRoute offers.

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