Customer Review: Clover Food Lab, Food Delivery | OptimoRoute

December 14, 2023

Phil from Clover Food Lab reviews OptimoRoute's route planning and route optimization capabilities.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phil M., Logistics Manager, Clover Food Lab

Tell us about yourself and your business.

Phil M.: So a little bit about my team. We deliver fresh food, right? We're delivering dinner for people every night, seven days a week. In this industry, it's really tough to you know, plan - you can plan as much as you can, but there's plenty of things that can go wrong, you know, every day. So, what it does for me is it provides me with a flexible and reliable delivery plan. And what that means for me is it takes a lot of that stress out of it. It lets me kind of move things around on the fly, see where I'm at in the day, work with my team a little bit more directly. And what it does for my customer, it first and foremost, lets them get some fresh food delivered, some delicious food when they expect it. And you know, what's a really great feature as well as it, you know, allows them time to plan for their delivery. So if we can give them notifications when we're coming, Proof of Delivery. It lets them know that hey, dinner is taken care of and it's at your front door.

How did you manage route planning before?

Phil M.: We've always used this system, it came highly recommended from some of our vendors that do home delivery as well. So I said the biggest benefit that we've seen from using it is just the ability to shuffle things up, move things around, be flexible. You know, the there can't be enough value placed on that in this industry. So having it be flexible for us and give good communication to our customers and visibility - that's, you know, it's key because, you know, a lot of times we end up moving things around and it makes it easier for everybody.

How has OptimoRoute helped you?

Phil M.: So it's definitely helped with, you know, efficiency, time savings. I think that those go, you know, with any kind of system like this. It's been super intuitive. So I guess training has been a huge, huge, huge time saved. So I mean, when I came on it, maybe it took me a day or two to learn the system, it's super, super user-friendly. But I'd say one of the biggest things would be customer satisfaction. So if we're able to kind of look at customer reviews and kind of review our delivery and see, you know, in real time, like, hey, we just made a delivery two minutes ago and it got a one star. Why? You know, was the product damaged? Was the order not complete? Was it at the wrong address? It kind of lets us see kind of in real time and we can flag those deliveries that the customer isn't satisfied with and try to rectify it as soon as possible.

How easy is OptimoRoute to use?

Phil M.: I actually had just previously mentioned this on the last slide, but specifically when I started with my current role, I was able to learn the system in about two days and I had no previous routing experience. So, if you have the right data and you have the right, you know, back end kind of order data, it's extremely, extremely intuitive, it's flexible, it lets you change things, you know, super easily, in a super timely manner and the routing itself is actually very quick. So it takes maybe less than 25 seconds to get everything mapped out for the next day. And if you want to start moving things around, you know, customize it a little bit after that, it's super easy to do as well.

How has OptimoRoute helped you with speed and flexibility?

Phil M.: I think anybody in this industry knows how important flexibility is. things tend to never quite go according to plan, whether that be, you know, call outs or changes to routes, changes to customer expectations or customer requests, you know, it's important that we can be as flexible as possible and it makes that super easy. And speed is 100%, right? So we're delivering dinner every night, right? You want that at your door as soon as possible. So, this is the kind of thing that lets that, you know, makes that a lot easier for us. And it also lets our customers see, you know, when that is going to be at their door. So, speed and flexibility are, you know, probably the two biggest things that, you know, we can have in this industry and I think it's a great system for it.

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