Questions/titles for ERG promotional video

June 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an integral part of our employee culture, fostering inclusion and community

So we asked a few employees who regularly participate in ERGs about their importance.

Employee-led, our ERGs bring people together to learn, celebrate, and support each other.

They also have the power to accelerate change within our company on various topics

At Optimizely we have 8 ERGs, who have held 23 events total so far this year! Our ERGs are...

Young Optimizers, Women of Optimizely, Christians, Green Team...

Out at Optimizely, Mentally Forward, Black Panthers, and Remote!

Our ERGs are a true part of our culture and reflect the passion and spirit of many Optimizers

They are also a great way for Optimizers to network and celebrate differences as strengths

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