EPMO - Monthly Mix Update

April 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Hi, Optimizers. I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of the initiatives we are running in the EPMO, along with some of the key changes we've made to our team recently. I'm thrilled to be able to let you know that Elise Austin has recently joined our team as a Senior Project Manager, supporting one of our key programs, and also that Clare Edwards has been promoted to Business Analysis Manager. As part of this new role, Clare will be building out a small team of Business Analysts in Dhaka, focusing on us really helping to get the start of our projects right and ensure that solid Business Analysis supports every decision we make. As you will know, the EPMO manages a portfolio of projects, programs and change on behalf of Optimizely. From a high level perspective, this includes the Opportunity to Cash Program on behalf of Rohit Bhalla, the Finance Transformation Program for Myles Johnson, the Packaging and Pricing Program which is sponsored by both Myles and Rohit, and the Customer Success Transformation Program on behalf of Allison Skidmore. I would like to use this update to provide you with a little more detail on two of these key initiatives. The first is the Customer Success Transformation Program. The EPMO has been partnering with Allison Skidmore and her leadership team to fully build out a Customer Success Transformation Program with a number of related projects. This program has one primary objective - to support driving a higher renewal rate. The focus includes refine a standardized customer engagement practice within the customer community, reallocation of accounts to align with future structure for our customers, launch Power Trio to drive efficiency, innovation and consistency in processes and strategies, highlight indicators for customer consumption and adoption through adoption, accelerator, drive a higher renewal rate for the experimentation business which is critical, refocus the At-Risk Program, standardization and adoption of global renewal forecasting processes, and ensuring a standard and consistent offering across onboarding, adoption and education. So lots to do there and lots of energy taking place as part of that program. The second major program I wanted to talk to you about is the Opportunity to Cash (O2C) Program. This focuses on key processes, systems and controls to support Sales Operations, sellers and the sales motion. The program consists of five projects spanning across 10 departments, and just as a reminder are sponsored by Rohit Bhalla. Priority number one for the program is the subscriptions management project. This includes working closely with Customer Success, driving a significant training program and enriching data against renewal opportunities. Data Enablement is a new project currently being built out within O2C and a current focus. Advanced Approvals will focus on the transfer of our empowerment matrix to processes within Salesforce, The Order to Provisioning (or O2P) project has been looking at improving our data quality of required fields for an order reviewing the validation of this process. And finally, O2C for Expert Services is just being scoped as we speak. This is a new project which is going to be going live very soon. Thanks for listening to this update. Any questions, please reach out to me or one of the team. Thank you.

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