Pat York for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pat York

Could you describe a time that Optimal Bone Health helped you?

Pat York: I found optimum bone health on the internet. After a two year search for a functional medicine team, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in the spine and osteopenia in both of my hips and I was looking for a natural way to re mineralize bone. The O B H program just made sense for me after the first set of labs, their recommendations included hormone replacement therapy, increased protein intake and other dietary adjustments which I monitor on the chronometer app. The dietician will I meet weekly to discuss not only food and supplements but test recommendations for the future and also the latest research on bone health. I am mid-year and ready for my second set of labs. I'm exploring weightlifting as part of bone building practice and O B H provides videos by buff bones which I find very helpful. I'm hoping to receive coaching in this area as well. I'm very grateful for O B H and I feel much stronger and very supported in my bone health journey.

How would you describe Optimal Bone Health in three words?

Pat York: I would describe the optimal bone health team as personable, knowledgeable and caring. I really like the team.

Why is Optimal Bone Health different from other similar products or services?

Pat York: O B H offers care that I was not able to find um going down the functional medicine route in other areas. This is more focused on bone health with the dietician and the doctors that support bone health health. They have um buff bones videos um to offer for exercise and weekly coaching with a dietician. It is different than what I've been able to find in the last two years and I really appreciate it.

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