Matt Dreesen for OnPoint LNC Video Testimonials

August 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Dreesen

Introduce yourself and highlight a case in which you used OnPoint LNC.

Matt Dreesen: My experience with on point uh has been phenomenal. I do a large amount of nursing home cases across the country and in particular, my um experience with Ingrid is uh been outstanding. Um a true game changer in these cases, nursing home cases across the country. She has made my practice um just develop in a, in such a wonderful way that we have gotten great results and she is always active and proactive in helping with our cases. So I highly recommend on point. Um I've had some of the same experiences with Don and others. They're just phenomenal uh partners I call them um in our cases.

What was the biggest value of using OnPoint LNC?

Matt Dreesen: The biggest value uh that my firm has gotten from using on point is that I have not had to hire three or four additional staff members and my overhead has been cut down because they provide just quality phenomenal service. Um My firm is law group and we, we have cases across the country, not just nursing home but railroad cases, uh catastrophic cases, derailment, railroad derailment cases. And I use them for medical chronologies and going through records and they've just provided some outstanding work uh and so highly recommend them.

Are you happy with the outcome and quality of the work produced by OnPoint LNC?

Matt Dreesen: The outcomes of the cases that I've worked on with on point have been significant. And uh I can think of a few cases where we have um reached high seven figure results as a result of partnering with on point. Uh again, having people to produce and work on cases that I don't have time to do with regard to experts and working up uh medical chronologies. Um So I've been thrilled with the outcome of the work and especially with Ingrid um just a force multiplier with regard to getting great results.

What was the outcome of the case and how did OnPoint LNC strengthen the process?

Matt Dreesen: The outcome of the case that uh I referenced was was uh obviously a confidential settlement, but it was one of the, it, it ranks as the highest settlement in our state's history with regard to uh nursing home negligence. And uh on point, with regard to strengthening the process was always there if I needed someone to work with my expert to provide quality and accurate medical records and to also uh be there at the time that I needed something immediately. They always had resources that were um instant in one particular situation. Um I remember talking with Dawn from her home uh during a weekend. Um and she was glad to do it on a Saturday afternoon working with one of our experts. Uh just can't find that kind of personal touch any place in, in, in any as far as I'm concerned with any type of a vendor or any type of uh litigation support. So it was critical to the outcome of the case.

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