Rabbi Jeremy Schneider Temple Kol Ami AZ Testimonial

February 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rabbi Jeremy Schneider, Rabbi, Temple Kol Ami, Scottsdale AZ

Could you describe a time that Online Jewish Learning helped you?

Rabbi Jeremy Schneider: Online Jewish Learning has helped me in this congregation get into the 21st century. Our families are so busy and their kids are scheduled all day and all night. We needed an option that gave parents the flexibility to schedule a tutor that worked for them on their schedule, whether it be mornings or evenings or after school or even the weekends. I loved that Online Jewish Learning can provide those resources on a schedule that works for everyone.

How would you describe Online Jewish Learning in three words?

Rabbi Jeremy Schneider: I love Online Jewish Learning because it's convenient, it's easy to use and it's fun for kids and adults.

What is something about Online Jewish Learning that makes it unique?

Rabbi Jeremy Schneider: When I have a classroom of students, one of the frustrations are the students that are advanced and ready to move faster and the students that need that extra help and they're falling behind, not to mention all the other students in the middle. Online Jewish Learning was a solution for all of these issues. It allows the students that can move faster to go faster. It allows the one on one help for the students that are running a little slower, and it allows to meet the needs of everyone else in the middle. I can't thank Online, Jewish Learning enough.

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