Jonathan Press for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jonathan Press

Could you describe a time that Online Jewish Learning helped you?

Jonathan Press: Online Jewish Learning was perfect for our family's busy schedules, yet the importance of preparing our three children for their Bar and Bat mitzvahs. We needed the time and opportunity, and this was before Covid. We were able to come up with Rabbi Dani and Online Jewish Learning and have a local rabbi, that was still 200 miles away, that was able to design a curriculum and schedule to meet our needs between all sports, school activities and events and yet prep them for a wonderful three days and prepare them for their Jewish adulthood. We couldn't be any more appreciative of Rabbi Dani and Online Jewish Learning network.

How would you describe Online Jewish Learning in three words?

Jonathan Press: Three words to describe Online Jewish Learning: convenient, impactful, user friendly as one word.

What is something about Online Jewish Learning that makes it unique?

Jonathan Press: What makes Online Jewish Learning unique is that we had the opportunity to set the schedule as well as drive the content, drive the direction of the curriculum. I think back to many moons when I was attending my Hebrew school and Studies and it was quite the opposite, it was on someone else's time and that's someone else's direction. This was on our time and our direction And I can say it was 100, not only was it 100% different experience for my kids than for myself, but they enjoyed it and certainly appreciated it more.

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