OneSeven September Recruiter Update

October 25, 2023

Video Transcript

New Additions: How many new financial advisors joined our RIA in the past month, and what unique skills or specializations do they bring?

Good afternoon and good morning. Hope you are. Well, so, uh the past month has been really exciting for 17 is uh two of our largest teams uh in our seven year history have joined us. So the Feldmeyer Financial Group is a wonderful family in Dayton, Ohio joined us from Ameriprise a couple of weeks ago. They've already had incredible success. About half of their practices transition in just a few weeks and clients were literally knocking at their door waiting to sign their paperwork. We also had a great uh group uh Hyperion Wealth Management, uh which uh formerly was part of Raymond James. Still is just moved from one side to the other, uh run by Neil Garrison and his team with Lucas and Chris. Again, great guys. Um really fits the core values of 17 and who we are and the type of advisers we want to have join us. Uh And I'm really excited to introduce the rest of uh the next group of people coming up in the coup next couple of weeks.

Advisor Business Development: Any new marketing initiatives this month that will assist our advisors in helping them grow their book?

So this month coming up is really exciting. Um We're actually about to have our 17 Life conference, which is our fourth version of this. We missed one year because of uh COVID. But 17 life is really amazing because it allows all of our advisors to come together. Um Break bread, have plenty of good times and fun together and really learn from one another as well as our vendors. We have a lot of different sponsors that join us each year. Each of them gets time to talk and also obviously spend one on one time with our advisors and the real big, the biggest thing that comes of this is community, our advisors come feeling like they're part of something special and leave feeling like they're really part of something special as well. Um like being part of a family. And I think it helps create connection and bond between advisor living in very different parts of the country. Um And we look forward to continuing this over the years to come. We actually have a lot of advisors that are gonna be on boarding with us joining us this year as well. So they get an early taste as to 17.

Custodians: Can you please take a minute to discuss the custodian options at One Seven?

So right now, 17 s3 custodian options, um Schwab is our largest relationship. Uh It started off as TD and now is obviously transitioned over. We've got about $2 billion at Schwab. We also have been with Raymond James for quite a while now, have about half a billion dollars with Raymond James and we just recently, about 23 months ago brought on fidelity and that's a uh a growing relationship which with some of our newer teams joining them, uh We're also exploring some new options. We've been in conversation with Goldman Sachs. Uh We also do have AO um which is a smaller relationship, but one we've been really, really pleased by and I've actually met a couple of advisors that work with them over the last couple of months. So we're uh really um you know, forward thinking, always looking at new options. We're exploring many, many vendors and partners and really just trying to bring as many uh tools and resources to our advisors as possible.

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