Todd Resnick OneSeven-August Recruiter Update

September 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Todd

New Additions: How many new financial advisors joined our RIA in the past month, and what unique skills or specializations do they bring?

Todd: It has been a very busy month and quarter for 17. I'm actually in Virginia Beach right now working on what may be our biggest deal yet, but September was great. We welcomed August and September. We welcomed Troy Luke who ran his own wealth management firm out of Columbus. He was looking for a succession plan and monetization opportunities by joining us. We welcomed Will Sumer who's a really great young advisor from Morgan Stanley in Cleveland. So we're really excited that we get to start delving more into the warehouse space by bringing on a Morgan Stanley advisor and he had an excellent transition and we also had Matt Williams join us. Matt is a young very smart trading sort of market guy. I'll call him from Ameriprise. So that was our first Ameriprise advisor and we're super excited about that because he had an amazing transition with our team in fidelity and we have an even bigger Ameriprise team joining us this coming week.

Technology: Have we integrated any new technology or tools this month that will assist our advisors in better serving their clients?

Todd: One of the things we focused on over the last month was really ramping up our usage of seeds. It's see, DS, it's a new technology that I've known about for a while that I really liked because it's all about connection. It's about really building and deepening client relationships by asking the right sort of questions. So typically when you go to meet a client, you use the usual typical questionnaire, this brings it to life through graphics, through interactive communication and then spits out a report at the end that actually helps you invest the money to meet the client's goals in terms of how they are investing, how they see the world, how they want their money to work for them and their family in the future. So I'm really excited for stuff like seeds to be able to start offering this to all of our advisors to hopefully have them really focus on the relationship side of things.

Culture: What were the key cultural or team-building events hosted this month, and how have they positively impacted our work environment?

Todd: One of the biggest things we recently did was our off site. So every 90 days, our leadership team meets, there's six people on it who are really responsible for the day to day growth and running of the firm. And in that meeting, we take a step back, we look at the past 90 days, we look at projects that we've prioritized over the last 90 days and then we set new rocks as we call them for the next 90 days. And what that's done is, it's really created a culture of accountability and to be honest with you, the last couple of years as, as we've had this leadership team in place, that's where the majority of our growth has come from. We've really, it increased our, you know, our experience, the advisor experience, we've increased our sales, everything about 107 has become more efficient, bigger and stronger through these meetings and through the process that we use to run the business. So you can be rest assured when you're working with 107 you're working with a leadership team that is really focused on bettering the company and its future

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