OneSeven Monthly Recruiter Update- August 2023

August 29, 2023

Todd Resnick, President of One Seven, takes a moment to share exciting developments happening at our firm. Topics Covered: New Team Additions, Technology Updates, Company Culture & Events

Video Transcript

Speaker: Todd resnick

New Additions: How many new financial advisors joined our RIA in the past month, and what unique skills or specializations do they bring?

Todd resnick : In the last month, we have been so fortunate to have a couple of amazing advisors. Join us. Will Sumer joined us recently from a local warehouse in the Cleveland area. He is a young really motivated growth minded advisor, which is incredibly awesome to see Matt Williams also joined us. He's in the Virginia area just in, in the DC Virginia area. So Matt's really at heart a trader, I don't want to pigeon hole him, but he really has a specialization in terms of risk management, trading markets and things like that. And Troy Luke joined us recently. So Troy has been a stand alone Ria advisor in the Columbus area for a very long time and we were really fortunate to form a partnership with Troy that's going to have him join 17 and start to build his succession plan and and be part of what we're building here from an overall ecosystem perspective.

Technology: Have we integrated any new technology or tools this month that will assist our advisors in better serving their clients?

Todd resnick : One of the things I'd highlight this month is that we started working with a platform called CS EE DS. It's what I believe is a client engagement tool from a group out of the New York area that we know through years in the business. And what I really love is that it really speaks to the mission of 17, which is the client advisor relationship and what we call the seven pillars of wellness, getting deeper into the relationship with the client beyond the markets, beyond investment returns and talking about their family, their community, their well being and their mindset around investing in what they want their money to do for them and what they want their money to do for their family over the long term. So this is something that we brought to the table 17 is providing it for free to all of our advisors that want to take part in it. And we really think it's going to be a great tool not only for prospecting and meeting new clients, but also building deeper, more meaningful relationships with the clients that are already part of our ecosystem and family

Culture: What were the key cultural or team-building events hosted this month, and how have they positively impacted our work environment?

Todd resnick : So we recently concluded our quarterly report to all of our employees and all of our advisors. So every quarter, our leadership team meets for an entire day builds out our 90 day goals, um reviews our goals from last quarter, talks about the vision of the company. And then we come back to all of our employees and all of our advisors, any stakeholder in the company and we report to them on what we did. And that's something really unique in the Ria space for someone our size. I don't think a lot of companies out there are as transparent as we are. And so we talk about, here's the things we've recognized or broken or might need fixing or improving. And here's how we're going to do it over the next 90 days. And then we're going to report back to them in 90 days after that. And these meetings have been really fun because we make it very interactive. We've changed it over the years where we do a lot of like introductions of different employees and really wanting people to get to know one another because in this environment that we're all living in now where everyone is working from home or virtually or remotely or whatever you want to call it. The ability to come together even for a short period, every month or every other month is really important to building that camaraderie for a growing company like ours.

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