Chris Gatsch for Why OneSeven

September 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Gatsch, Founder & CEO, Lakehouse Wealth

Can you share where you worked before and why did you choose to join One Seven over other registered investment advisory firms?

Chris Gatsch: Before I joined OneSeven I worked at Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan, both national Wirehouses. And I chose OneSeven Really for the family feel the autonomy to be an entrepreneur, the ability to be a true fiduciary and suggest the best solutions for my clients across a wide array of investment options, products, and solutions. And really lastly, the terrific back office administrative support for not only myself but more importantly, my clients uh when they need help.

What unique skills or specializations do you bring to the One Seven team, and how has the firm supported you in utilizing these?

Chris Gatsch: OneSeven has really helped me get my marketing off the ground. They've showed me different platforms and products I can use for different solutions. And it's really helped with my social media marketing and cold outreach.

Would you recommend One Seven to other financial advisors considering a move? Why or why not?

Chris Gatsch: I would definitely recommend OneSeven to other financial advisors because of, again, the family feel and the strong back office support, especially around the transitioning from one firm to the other. I shopped around at a bunch of other Ria and OneSeven was the one that really hit the ball out of the park for me.

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