Rebecca Tincknell

May 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rebecca Tincknell, Graduate Recruitment Specialist, Newton Europe

How has Oleeo improved your processes?

Rebecca Tincknell: Oleeo allows us to collect and download loads of data which we then use to analyze and improve our processes. Without this, we wouldn't know where we stand with our candidates or how best to make improvements. And so really, we really like that, we can take that really data driven automated approach.

How would you describe Oleeo in three words?

Rebecca Tincknell: I would say, is configurable, flexible and really supportive.

Why does Oleeo work for your organisation in particular?

Rebecca Tincknell: As a consultancy, we are very led by data, we're very detail orientated. And so we like to have a lot of control over the processes that we put in place really works for us because we can self configure the majority of changes that we want to make. And therefore, it allows us to have complete control over our recruitment process.

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