Joanna Walker for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joanna Walker, Founder, Point HR Consulting

How much experience do you have in the recruitment space?

Joanna Walker: Hi, my name is Joanna Walker and I have been in the recruiting space for over 12 years. Most recently I was the head of recruitment at Evercore, which is the premier investment bank located in New York. And I've done both campus and experienced I love recruiting.

What are the biggest pain points you face when it comes to campus recruitment?

Joanna Walker: Campus recruiting is a lot of fun, but some of the pain points that come up for any campus recruiter out there is the administrative burden. We have to deal with lots of spreadsheets, whether it's applicant tracking it is students coming to events. There's just a lot of administration, a lot of emailing back and forth with students who have questions. And so those can be our pain points because it takes up a lot of time, which takes a little bit away from the strategy. So us, campus recruiters want to find something that makes it more efficient for us. So we can spend more time with the students and our school teams to make sure we're hiring the right talent.

What did your campus recruitment strategy look like before you started using Oleeo Events?

Joanna Walker: Campus recruiting with events was a little messy. I have to say before we started working with Oleeo, only from the perspective of it is administratively burdensome. We have to figure out who's coming to our events. Hopefully they register who attended, then we need to transfer the lists of attendees to our school teams and it's often on pieces of paper and some of us campus recruiters are obviously doing a lot of traveling. And so how do you make sure you get all the information to the right people quickly to ensure that students are spoken to and given all the information they might have. so when we brought in Oleeo, it really changed that point for us because it meant that we could market all of our events on our website easily, not only just to the to the schools and things like handshake, but on our website, students could register, easily figure out where they needed to go and it spit out a report for us that was hugely helpful. So we had everything from registration to those who actually attended because they then signed in upon coming to the event And so we had all of this information really easily at the tip of our, our fingers so that school teams could go out and talk to candidates. And so that really changed our life and made things just easier and more seamless and more importantly, a much better candidate care experience for them.

How has Oleeo Events enhanced your campus recruitment strategy?

Joanna Walker: Having the Oleeo events management piece was super helpful for us. many of us campus recruiters have to plan our events months in advance. And so that really gives us an advantage to be able to market them much earlier than was possible. Oftentimes you were restricted by the schools in which you could post things. And so this really allows for us to have everything on our website in one place, particularly students who may be at nontarget schools, they can go onto our website and see things like, OK, you know, they're hosting all these multi school events or there's a networking event that's in New York and I can go because I'm a local student. There's lots of things that you can do to help make sure that lots of students know what's happening. And this event management piece helps with that aspect. So again, marketing really early is helpful. I think if students are looking for particular types of events, if there's females interested in, in what you're doing, maybe you're, they're gonna look for a women's event, for example. So I think that's been the most helpful. I think also the fact that a student is required to register and then sign in when they attend, just allows us as the campus recruiting team to get all that data and reporting so that we can reach out to those students and give them all the information that they need. They might want to know about what jobs are available, internships, um understand what the process looks like. What do interviews look like? Can they speak with anybody? There's just a lot that you can do with the information that then comes out of the events piece and depending on what industry you're in, you may be marketing to students very early in their college career, their freshman year, their sophomore year and students are still trying to figure out what they want to do. And so the earlier you can get that information out to them to market with them and let them come to events the earlier, then you can engage with them and by having that reporting information in terms of like their email address and their names and what schools they go to, you can continue your early identification um programming with them so that you continue conversations after the first event that you meet them. and that's it.

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