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May 16, 2024

Video Transcript

How are you using data to make strategic decisions?

Hi, my name's Gemma Fox. I'm head of people for Oleeo as part of International HR Day. I've been asked to talk about a couple of topics that are important to the Oleep people team for the future of work. The first topic is data digitalising data and the accuracy of data has been really important to us in the people team really high level. It just means that we're more efficient as a team, we can answer people inquiries quicker, more consistently and more accurately. Secondly, we can make data driven decisions so we can make sure that the people team projects are meaningful. And the third reason is we can, we can measure, we can measure our progress so we can quickly change things if they're not going in the right direction.

How are you embracing AI?

The second topic that I'm going to talk about is AI, it's really important to us at Oleeo that our people are utilising the right AI tools to make their roles more efficient and more productive. So from an internal perspective, I'm working with the intelligence team facilitating small education programs about what AI is, how how we can use those tools, what prompts we can use to get the best output and what tools we should be using from a HR or people perspective, we're using tools for content. and we're using bots um in interviews to summarise meetings, to summarise interviews again, just to speed up that efficiency. That's been game changing for interviews.

What steps have you taken to make your organisation accessible?

So the third topic I'm going to talk about is accessibility, accessibility is so important when we think about inclusivity in the workplace. And I believe it should be at the forefront of people's minds uh as part of future future of work thinking. So this, this can be from the tools that we're using, the language that we're using, from our recruitment processes to all of our policies. It's so important, I've just come off a call, an internal call where our accessibility developer has talked about what we are doing with our project. So it's just that continuous education program across the business and putting accessibility at the forefront of our minds. Why? As I said, it creates a really inclusive environment where we get the best out of people and it means that we will hire the, the very best people into roles.

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