Anthony Boyd of MOBILE in Columbus, Ohio

August 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Anthony Boyd

Staff of MOBILE, Center for Independent Living in Columbus, Ohio

Hi, I'm Anthony Boyd from Columbus, Ohio. I'm a staff member of a disability resource center called MOBILE, which is the Mid-Ohio Board for An Independent Living Environment. To provide independent living means that we are tasked with designing programs that empower individuals with disabilities to make and act upon their own choices. I truly feel that we help them. We aid all of society in being a better place. I have three areas of responsibility. First providing modern alerting systems to improve the safety and accessibility of our consumers. Second youth and young adult transition services, we assist them in achieving their goals to becoming a productive and successful adult. Three, the wheelchair ramp program, I especially feel great when I get a call from one of our consumers that says that they are now able to get out socialize with their family, make appointments and just do things that help them feel connected. I know how this is my father who was an amputee because of diabetes said that the one thing he missed more than anything else was going to Ohio State football games. Now, you know, listening on the radio or watching on TV was just not the same. You had to be there to feel it. Now, I feel very satisfied in helping our consumers get out. This is why IL is so important for me and for them. Thank you for listening.

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