Randal, CIL Consumer

August 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Randal Aliff

Randal Aliff

Consumer of Western Reserve Independent Living Center in Warren, Ohio.

Randal Aliff: Hello, I'm Randall Aliff. I currently, uh, reside in, in assisted living at Luxton Place in, uh, Salem, Ohio. I'm originally from Austintown, Ohio. So I'm quite familiar with Northeast Ohio and, uh, I'm just here giving a testimonial for, uh, Western Reserve Independent Living, uh, through the transition process. I had Tammy and Debbie help me with that and they did a fantastic, uh, a really good job for me, uh, because I transitioned from, uh, Salem West, uh, nursing home. I had been there, oh, approximately 7.5 to 8 months. And, uh, then I came here to Lexington Place and, uh, they helped me with the move, the move went smoothly. They helped me with, uh, things such as food and furniture and, uh, it was just a great job that they did and I really appreciate the fact that, uh, I can, you know, uh, give them all, all, all the praise, you know, and, and in fact that they did do such a good job for me. And, uh, I, I, since I've transitioned, I'm, I'm doing quite well here. I've been here for approximately five months. Uh, I have a beautiful room uh the fact that uh I'm here more independent, uh in fact, uh Western Reserve, uh independent living gave me such, uh uh just the way they were able to do things. And like I said, it was just such a move, smooth transition and I appreciate that, I appreciate the fact that, uh they gave me such a great job uh or did it such a great job that helped me with the move. Thank you.

Why were you working with the Center?

Randal Aliff: Hi, it's Randall again. Uh, uh, how has independent living center worked with me to achieve my goals. Uh my goal of course, was able to move from uh, uh, a nursing home into an assisted living. And, uh, I, I had checked into, and, uh, again, Debbie and Tammy helped me look into uh, the facilities or were nearby for me. I wanted to stay here in Salem, Ohio. And, uh, they helped me immensely to where I could find a facility which I'm at now. And uh, they were very, uh, again, very helpful to where I can find a facility where I'm at. And of course, my goals I have trouble walking and, uh, the fact that, uh, with the transition I could still have physical therapy and things like that and that's been ongoing for me. Uh, my, my walking is better and, uh, it's uh just amazing the fact that what's, uh, has been given to me, the word I can get better as far as my health.

Why should other people contact the Center?

Randal Aliff: Again with the, uh the move from uh the nursing home to assisted living. It, it was just, I just can't believe how smooth the transition was. And, uh when, when I first started thinking about moving, uh, then, uh I had, I had Tammy come on board as my transition coordinator and, and, and Debbie also helped uh Tammy with it and it was just, uh, again, it was just so smooth. I can't believe it how smooth it was. Uh, you know, it took about 2 to 3 months for the total thing to happen for me to move. Uh But, you know, as far as the paperwork, again, the move itself, I, I would just highly recommend that if, if you could use uh Western Reserve Independent Living. Uh, again, I would just highly recommend that you do be because they were very professional. Uh, they showed care towards me. They, uh if I had any type of issues that I thought because I'd like to ask a lot of questions. They were always available for me. And again, I appreciate that.

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