Clarence Campbell - MOBILE

August 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Clarence Campbell, Peer Support & IL Specialist, Mid-Ohio Board for an Independent Living Environment

Clarence Campbell

MOBILE in Columbus, Ohio

Clarence Campbell: Good afternoon. My name is Clarence Campbell. I work here at the Mid-Ohio Board for an Independent Living here in Columbus, Ohio.

What is IL philosophy?

Clarence Campbell: Well, an independent living philosophy is designed to help people to live as independently as possible. You know, those who have a disability want some type of freedom. And I think the more we are able to assist people to live independently, the more freedom they will have and the happier they will be. And it's about a state of mind. The fact that you can do things on your own by yourself for yourself is rewarding in and of itself. So I believe a philosophy that helps people to be on their feet to stand on their own, gives them a certain amount of uh certitude or certainty and a belief in themselves that they are able to do certain things and to face challenges and not to be afraid to face those challenges. So I believe that the independent living goal is to help people to feel as free as possible and feel free, not encumbered, not worried or disappointed or afraid, but have the courage to do things that they know that they can do for themselves. And to come to the realization there are sometimes they're not, not going to be able to do things by themselves and then to seek help when they truly, truly need it. Stop.

Why is the philosophy important?

Clarence Campbell: Well, the IL philosophy is very important and, and that it instills in a person, the idea that they can do things for themselves and by themselves and gives them a very, I would say happy feeling about themselves to, to know that you can accomplish something is, is, is a great thing and to know that in spite of a disability, you can still carry on. So I, I believe that is why that philosophy is really important to understand that sometimes we are curtailed by certain disabilities, but that doesn't limit us in other ways, there are other ways to do things. And so I think that is important. That's why that philosophy is important. So there's a wisdom to, to doing that I can do things for myself and there's wisdom to know when I cannot do things by myself. So I think the philosophy is important, always lets the individual know that there are certain things that they can do and encourages them to do them.

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