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September 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aaron Smith, President and CEO, OMSA

Aaron Smith: My name is Aaron Smith and I'm the President and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association. OMSA's primary purpose is to ensure that you, American mariners and shipyard workers, compete on a level playing field against your foreign competitors. And OMSA along with our congressional champions have made great progress on this initiative this year pushing the American Offshore Worker Fairness Act (AOWFA) down inside the red zone. Now we need your help to get the ball across the goal line. Join me in recording a short video to tell your peers and lawmakers in D.C. about how important this legislation is and how it's unfair for companies to allow foreign mariners and shipyard workers to take your job. It's simple. The recording will not start until you press the start button. Just read the questions on the screen. Think about your answer and then press record when you feel ready. After you're done, you'll have the opportunity to review your recording and submit it or redo it as I have about 100 times for this video. And, as you do so, remember short and sweet. There's no need to respond with a novel. Stick to the points that are most important to you and what you want lawmakers to hear. And, when recording, remember to look into the camera and not necessarily at any typed answers that you've put out or any other monitors and speak at a normal volume. There's no reason to shout. Recording on computer is best. But phones work great too. Thank you very much for your assistance and we hope to push this important legislation onto the President's desk this year. Thank you again.

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