Raves about Offerpad - Thrilled Customer from North Carolina

May 13, 2024

free move was excellent and offer beat the competition

Video Transcript

Tell us about your experience with Offerpad, our people and any of the benefits you might have used (Free Move, Picking your Closing, etc.)

Hi, I just wanted to rave about my experience with Offerpad. They really truly came through with the best offer and the move was easy. They provided a moving truck and four movers. And it really was a good experience. We have to do this faster than we thought. But it really worked out well. And if I ever need Offerpads help again, I will not hesitate. I recommend them. We also went looked at other companies and their offer was just not as good as Offerpad. So the team is wonderful. The experience was really good and I've been recommending to everyone. I see that's talking about selling their property to Offerpad So I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

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