Offerpad APP Agent Testimonial

March 20, 2024

Drew Dial for Offerpad APP Agent Testimonial working with Offerpad on a consistent basis for consistent results!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Drew Dial, Principal Broker, Indiana, Real Broker, LLC

Tell us who you are (name, market area, etc.) and how long you’ve been a real estate agent.

Drew Dial: Hi, my name is Drew Dial and I'm the principal broker for the state of Indiana. For real broker LLC. I primarily serve the Indianapolis area but cover the entire state. And I've been in real estate for just over 10 years.

What was your experience with Offerpad while getting a cash offer for your clients?

Drew Dial: My experience with Offerpad has been great. I first used them a few years ago. Actually, in the sale of my parents' home, the quick offer the cash offer and the flexibility around some of the terms of closing dates were really what set them apart. With some of the traditional on the market offers that we would have been getting. Since then, the team here in Indiana, Brant and Abraham have really stepped up and become not just vendor relations that we have in the industry, but actually provide a great service to all of our agents. So we've been able to give the same service that Offerpad provided first to my parents to not only my clients, but all of the clients that I or agents that I actually get to serve on a daily basis as well.

Would you recommend Offerpad to other agents as a potential solution for their clients?

Drew Dial: I would absolutely recommend Offerpad and their services to other agents and other consumers out in the marketplace.

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