Jessica Brown for APP Agent Testimonial

January 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Brown

What was your experience with Offerpad while getting a cash offer for your client? Talk about the process and our people

Jessica Brown: Hello, my name is Jessica Brown. I'm with Mark Spain Real Estate and I just want to give a huge shout out to Natalie, which is your Success Manager over at Offerpad. We deal with a lot of investors and I know anytime I get a contract under Offerpad and I get the chance to work with Natalie. She has been a key success to all my transactions and simply I really don't want to do a deal without her. It's like a relief, right? Because I know she is aligned with my work ethic and she's going to go above and beyond to get the transaction done no matter what obstacle is in front of us. If we work, we are like the dream team, we are able to get all deals done no matter what's in front of us. Just recently, we had a transaction closing right in the middle of first American's breach. And the seller was a little challenging and then the builder was a little challenging with the new home cell that my seller was going to and she escalated it to Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Kathy and they were amazing as well. I just want to give a huge shout out to everyone over at Offerpad, especially those three because without them, I couldn't have done it. Everyone stayed calm throughout the process and we were able to make things happen and, and any other situation with anyone else, it wouldn't have been possible, but for sure, please. I begging you do not let Natalie leave my side. I would always want her to go on because she deserves it. She really deserves to have a position higher than what she is because she's a key player and very imperative to all my transactions. She's just simply amazing. I love working with her and actually I have another UC under contract coming for you Natalie. So we'll be working again shortly. But I just want to get on here and definitely give my appreciation to Mrs. Natalie and also the, the whole team. So thank you so much.

Tell us about yourself and how Offerpad helped your client

Jessica Brown: My name is Jessica Brown. I'm a listing agent over at Mark Spain Real Estate. We have a partnership with Offerpad as well as other investors. I represented the seller in the sale. So anything that I get going over to Offerpad, I'll be representing the seller and I work very closely with Mrs. Natalie to make sure the deal gets completed and to the closing table.

Would you recommend Offerpad to other agents as a potential solution for their clients?

Jessica Brown: My experience with Offerpad and selling my client's home to Offerpad has been amazing. And a very key player to making that happen is Natalie because she is making sure that she's getting back to me right away. No matter what time it is, she always gets back to me and she makes the process very easy because we work with each other to make the deal happen. So my experience with Offerpad has been amazing simply because you have good people in place to make the process of the deal smooth and seamless.

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