Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D. for Apply for a Cohort Scholarship!

March 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D., Founder & CEO, Cocoon Technologies Inc.

Tell us about you and a little about your company company. Name, title, name of your company, and what your company does.

Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D.: Hi, I'm Leah Lewis, founder of Cocoon Technologies, inc a Cleveland based Delaware C. Corp. We are developing a SAS. We're developing technology for use during contact list policing during routine traffic stops. Our goal is to avert death, danger and disease for both the motorists and the police officer, and we're also bringing mutual power to the process.

Why did you decide to apply to the Capital Readiness Cohort?

Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D.: So I applied to Zane, um, primarily because I want to be around other black and brown founders, primarily African American also want the exposure to the type of experts and mentors and advisors and VCS that are plugged into Zane, and also so I can glean a great deal from other founders who are similarly situated who are building their businesses at this stage.

How would a scholarship to the cohort support your venture and its goals?

Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D.: So the scholarship would be huge. It, frankly, would allow me to participate in the cohort. Without any worries, any anxiety, any distraction on how to raise the money. We've raised a little bit of money thus far for cocoon technologies, but those funds are to be used towards our N. V. P. You will find that my engagement in the energy that I bring to the cohort would warrant your investment in me. Thank you for that opportunity.

What do you hope to take away from the cohort?

Dr. Leah Lewis, J.D.: My hope is to glean additional information, additional insight, affirmation and encouragement from the cohort. I fully intend to bring that kind of energy and those kinds of dynamics to the cohort. Um I do believe that giving is receiving and vice versa. So I'm looking forward to the collegiality that the cohort holds and uh, you know, the networking with mentors as well.

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