What are OASBO members thankful for this year? - 3

November 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Maria Rellinger, Treasurer/CFO, Apollo Career Center. Claudia L. Zaler, Treasurer, Chillicothe City Schools. Steve Von Bargen, Director of Property Services, Butler Tech . Jared Bunting, Chief Financial Officer, Jackson City Schools. Becky Jenkins, Treasurer/CFO, New Albany-Plain Local School District. Bill Blakely, Treasurer/CFO, EDGERTON LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT. Cajon Keeton, CFO, Benton-Carroll-Salem Local Schools

What are school business professionals thankful for this year?

Steve Von Bargen: Hi everyone, I'm Steve Von Bargen from Butler Tech. I'm so thankful for the amazing people I get to work with day in and day out. We transform the lives of the students here at Butler Tech. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Becky Jenkins: Hi. I'm Becky Jenkins, Treasurer/ CFO, for the New Albany-Plain Local School District. What am I thankful for about this year in my district? One thing that I'm extremely thankful for is the team that I get to work with every day. My staff is absolutely amazing. They are an incredible team. So I'm very blessed. And then beyond that, I'm also thankful for the administrative team that I get to work with from the superintendent all the way through my department directors. It's a dream team. So I'm very blessed and extremely thankful for the group of people that I get to work with every day.

Jared Bunting: I am thankful for many things at Jackson City Schools. First and foremost, being that I have a wonderful staff that makes it possible for me to be involved in ways that would not be feasible without. I can dedicate time to OASBO as a board member and legislative committee chair. I'm also able to be involved with the fair school funding workgroup. Without the tireless efforts of my tremendous staff, I would not be able to accomplish these things which not only benefit Jackson City Schools, but Ohio public schools. Of course, I could not forget the administrative staff as well as the teaching and support staff of the district. Without them, we would not have been one of 11 schools in the state to be invited to apply for the 2022 National ESEA Distinguished School Award. Everyone contributes to the success of the students at Jackson City Schools, whether it be directly or indirectly, the entire staff does a fabulous job. Finally, I would like to thank the school board and community for which I would not be able to enjoy my time here at Jackson without they provide support and confidence in the decisions that are made by me, the superintendent and other administrators daily. It has been a pleasure to have joined the team at Jackson earlier this year. I have only touched on a few of the things that I am thankful here at Jackson and I look forward to being thankful for even more in the future. I wanna have everybody to have a safe, happy and restful, Thanksgiving. Thank you

Claudia L. Zaler: I am thankful for Chillicothe City School District administrators who have open communication with all of their staff and their students and a Board of Education who strives to seek the best in every student.

Cajon Keeton: I am thankful for Mr. Jim Rowan and the staff at OASBO and and all the great things that they're able to accomplish year in and year out, putting together such a great Annual Conference. I'm thankful that we're able to be back in person after the pandemic, and just say hello!

Maria Rellinger: At the Apollo Career Center, I am thankful for the students for choosing to come here to allow us to help them be next ready and whatever their future holds.

Bill Blakely: Hello, I'm Bill Blakeley, Treasurer and CFO of Edgerton Local Schools. This Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful for administrators, our teachers and our support staff to help our students learn and grow every day and become successful at whatever their next stage in life is. Thank you and I hope you all have a great holiday season!

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