What are OASBO members thankful for this year? - 2

November 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Bev Wasserbeck, Food Service Director, North Union Schools. Melissa N Swearingen, Treasurer/CFO, Delaware City School District. Homer Hendricks, Chief Financial Officer, Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center. George Anagnostou, Treasurer, Strongsville City Schools. Janice D. Allen, Treasurer/CFO, TROTWOOD MADISON CITY SCHOOLS. Randy Snyder, Transportation Manager, Westerville City Schools. Scott Gooding, Treasurer/CFO, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools

What are school business professionals thankful for this year?

Scott Gooding: I'm thankful for the amazing team in Gahanna that works side-by-side each and every day for what is in the best interest of our kids.

Randy Snyder: I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside of our transportation colleagues here in our district at Westerville, as well as those across the state and our association. And I'm most thankful for the opportunity to serve our students and community this thanksgiving season.

Janice D. Allen: Since 2011 at Trotwood Madison City School District, I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing employees, such as our administrators, teachers and support staff. I've also met some outstanding students. So that is definitely what I am thankful for. The opportunity to meet so many different types of individuals, particularly one student that I had the opportunity to mentor through the Montgomery County College Promise Program. I also have met some amazing community members in Trotwood Ohio that are very dedicated to our school district. So, I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve as the treasurer/CFO of Trotwood Madison School District. Thank you.

George Anagnostou: What I'm thankful for in Strongsville City Schools, first of what I'm thankful for is the great teachers, the support staff, the administrators, the board members, all the various coaches and extracurricular activity advisors, that work with our kids on a daily basis, including my own as my kids go to Strongsville City Schools as well. So thank you for all the support and everything that everyone in the organization does to move kids forward and make strong as well a great school district. And then I will also be remiss not to thank or be thankful for community volunteers and community leaders, all the various volunteers that support our, that are part of various booster clubs and our parents, and our PTA that of course makes Strongsville a great school district in the great city to live in.

Bev Wasserbeck: Hello everyone. My name is Bev Wasserbeck and I am the food service director at Ridgemont Schools and North Union Schools. And I am thankful for the lifting of the COVID restrictions and being able to see those kids smiling faces and not a mask. I'm thankful that my staff gets to work in a normal atmosphere again and I'm thankful that we came through this and we are getting better and stronger because of it. Thank you!

Melissa N Swearingen: This year, I am very thankful for the support of my community and passing our substitute levy renewal request last week.

Homer Hendricks: I am thankful for my colleagues in school business across the state of Ohio, my colleagues here with Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, the students we serve the opportunity to work in public education and my family.

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