What are OASBO members thankful for this year? - 1

November 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tammi L Cowell, Treasurer/CFO, Tri-Rivers Career Center. Terri Eyerman , Treasurer, Coshocton City Schools. Terrah Stacy, Treasurer/CFO, Springboro Community City School District. Todd Puster, Treasurer/CFO, Orange City Schools. Chad Welker, Director of Business Services, Ohio Schools Council. Melcie Wells, Treasurer, Warren Local. Kevin Hawley, Treasurer/CFO, Franklin City Schools

What are school business professionals thankful for this year?

Tammi L Cowell: Hello, everyone. Here at Tri Rivers Career Center. We are thankful for our awesome students who come to school each day prepared and ready to learn. We are also thankful for our hardworking and dedicated staff members, as well as a community and board of education that support all we do in career technical education. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kevin Hawley: I'm grateful for our staff because they care deeply about our students. We had some employees recently file for a grant to help our community and some of our students that deal with homelessness, and we were fortunate enough to receive that. I feel like it's just one of the many examples how our staff takes care of our kids and their families and really cares about the community. I know that many times during the holiday season for people that don't have very much, it can be very challenging. I'm just grateful for individuals in our community, our staff members that care very deeply about our students and are willing to step into those gaps.

Melcie Wells: Hi! This year, I am very thankful in my district for a community that is very proud of new buildings that our students are able to learn in every day. And I'm also very thankful for a wonderful staff that comes to work every day and works very hard for all the employees and students of our district.

Chad Welker: Hi! This is Chad Welker. I'm thankful for all the relationships I've built at OASBO. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Terrah Stacy: Hi! I'm Terrah Stacy, treasurer of Springboro City School District. And as I reflect on what I'm thankful for this year in our district, it was hard to pinpoint one thing. There's so many things to be proud of in our district. We have an amazing community, so much board support. Our staff is amazing. They rally each and every day behind our students to ensure that they grow to their fullest potential. Thanks for our leadership team. We have such an amazing community who support our students to the nth degree, and make sure that they come to school each and every day ready to learn. So I'm just so proud and thankful to be part of such an amazing school district that feels like an extension of family. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and go panthers!

Todd Puster: I am thankful for the fact that for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, our students and teachers and staff are having pretty much a normal school year.

Terri Eyerman : Hello. I'm Terri. I'm thankful that I get to work with this awesome group of people as we serve the students, staff and community of the Coschocton City School District. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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