Inn at Hastings Park Website Testimonial

April 15, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shiobanne Karampekios, Director of Sales Marketing, Inn at Hastings Park

What were the factors that led you to choose O’Rourke for your website project?

Shiobanne Karampekios: We have partnered with O'Rourke in the past for our first website development. So, naturally as we um transition into the refresh of it, we wouldn't want to work with anybody else then O'Rourke

How was the overall project and process?

Shiobanne Karampekios: As expected with the web website redesign The process was obviously long and tedious with a lot of little details. but Emily did an excellent job at navigating us through the process. We had a clear timeline There was follow-up every step of the way a little bit of hand holding when necessary. But the process at the end of the day was quite smooth.

Tell us how you feel about the quality of the design?

Shiobanne Karampekios: The quality of the design is absolutely superb. It was exactly what we were looking for when we started the designing process and approached O'Rourke with what we were looking for. It felt like they were mind readers they knew exactly what we wanted. Every little detail was not, forgotten. It was great. It was a great experience and we love our product. We absolutely love it and other results show.

Tell us about the results that your new website generated?

Shiobanne Karampekios: The challenges that we encountered with our previous website was really the amount of clicks to get somewhere. It was very, a box within a box within a box, let's say. And when we decided to start the process, this was obviously our main concern that we communicated to O'Rourke and O'Rourke assessed it right away. Our new product is so seamless, so easy, so user-friendly we've been getting multiple feedback not only from our leisure clients but also our corporate clients who are able on the back end to adjust and add any new programming that we are interested in, or that we want to showcase. And it's just very, very easy. I would say that's the number one, it's very easy for us as the property owners and it is very easy for the client as well.

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