Caroline Wanjiku Kihato for Frame45

July 30, 2023

Frame45 - Client Testimonial for NSDigital Consulting

Video Transcript

Speaker: Caroline Wanjiku Kihato

Could you describe in detail the problem you faced and how NSDigital Consulting helped you?

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato: Nicholas helped us with setting up our website at Frame 45.

How would you describe NSDigital Consulting in three words?

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato: professional, knowledgeable and responsive.

Why is NSDigital Consulting different from other similar service providers?

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato: because Nicholas is highly responsive. He works with you to achieve what you want and has an incredible knowledge on how to build websites. And so we found that he was a very good match for and a very good fit for our company.

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