Operating as One Team: Nik Cantu (June 11, 2023)

June 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nik Cantu, Jacksonville FC Operations Manager

Tell us about yourself.

Nik Cantu: Hi, my name is Nik Cantu and I've been part of the Wayfair team for about 3.5 years now. Before coming to Wayfair, my background and logistics experience came from working at metal parts, manufacturing centers and food distribution warehouses at a national level. I came to Wayfair looking to expand my skills in the e commerce space. When my journey with Wayfair began, I was one of the original warehouse supervisors to open this facility here in Jacksonville, Florida. My focus was on planning and building the receiving department. Today, I'm an Operations Manager.

What keeps you motivated in your career?

Nik Cantu: I'm inspired by the skills and experiences of the people around me, and I get to learn from my peers and see perspectives that are different from my own.

How does your team prevent damaged goods from entering our network?

Nik Cantu: The team and I have cultivated a mindset that every item we see is ours. We want to handle it like it's going to our home. At Wayfair, starting with day one in the new hire orientation process, we teach the importance of proper handling of our products and then we continue to reinforce this through our daily training program, Axonify. First, we inspect the cartons to ensure they are in the condition we would expect if we ordered it. Next, we confirm that the items are stored properly and their proper orientations in the racks. Finally, we'll partner with our teams in quality control if there's any question about an item's integrity. As leaders, we hold ourselves accountable to an extremely high quality standard and make sure we build processes that are repeatable to deliver perfect orders every time.

What is one thing you would like others to know about working in a FC?

Nik Cantu: Working in a fulfillment center can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding and fun. Why? Because you are providing a service for people and you can have a huge impact on the overall happiness of your customers. These customers are not only the people shopping at home, but they're the people you see each day, they're your friends and they're your family. You may just feel like one person standing in a one million square foot building, but you are part of something bigger.

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