Nicole's Experience with Boho Beautiful Official

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nicole Wait

How has Boho Beautiful Official benefited your daily yoga or meditation practice?

Nicole Wait: Boho Beautiful has helped me build a daily yoga and meditation practice. Thanks to their monthly programs because it means I don't have to be thinking, what am I gonna do today? I already know. Thanks to the daily set up of yoga Pilates meditation classes. It helps me stick to it.

How has Boho Beautiful Official impacted your mental and physical well-being?

Nicole Wait: So actually, when I started using her beautiful, a few years ago, I was going through physio for recovery on my knees and my shoulder. And so I started out just using it as a physical practice. And then gradually thanks to how Juliana interweaves wellness and spirituality, that's how actually my spiritual practice began. And it's through these last years where I have been more aware of the, the spiritual and mental and wellness aspect of yoga that I have developed my own meditation practice.

How do you prefer to use Boho Beautiful Official, and how often?

Nicole Wait: I use Boho Beautiful, mostly either on my phone or my ipad. Because I prefer that it, it tracks in the calendar, what I've done so that I can go back and reflect what was working, how often was I doing it and what programs was I using? I do occasionally use it on my laptop but mostly on mobile devices. And every day, every day I roll out my mat. I get on my mat and just recently I've started meditating before I do yoga. I had been doing it the other way around. Actually, I find that if I begin with meditation I sit better and I hold better in what my intentions are that day. So it's been a journey and that's how I currently do it.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend Boho Beautiful Official to a friend?

Nicole Wait: I have often recommended Boho Beautiful two friends. I've got other people involved on the platform during the 14 day journey using for meditation, for pilates. For me, it's my, it's my happy place. It's, it's my safe place. You know, I'm very, I feel very familiar with, with Mark and Juliana. Although we've obviously never met, they feel like friends, they feel they, they feel encouraging. And for me that what, that's what keeps bringing me back is that I feel like we are part of a community and part of a, a yoga and wellness family. And I know that within that community, there's so much support and friendship that um I keep coming back. So, thank you.

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