Samantha - Simple Skin Spa for nadapayments Video Testimonials

January 11, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samantha , Simple Skin Spa

How easy was it to switch to Nadapayments?

Samantha : Hi, my name is Samantha. I'm the owner of Simple Skin Spa Day Spa for women in New York. We switched to NADA payments because our credit card payments were mounting up to almost 20,000 a year. And it has to be the easiest change I've ever made in my business to both a credit card processor and also just a change that saved us money. It was so seamless and easy. Steve, the rep from payments took care of everything, any issues, which I've never really had issues, but even small things, if I text him, he's immediately responsive no matter what the time. And he's always been able to fix it so easily for us. And I'm happy to say that now we pay no credit card fees and we've saved so much money. I would highly recommend this system to anyone and also highly recommend Steve as your rep because he's made it so easy. So make the switch.

What's your favorite feature from Nadapayments?

Samantha : My favorite feature from nadapayments. other than that, we don't have to pay any credit card fees and we've saved so much money is, um, the actual terminal is so easy to use. it's front facing so the client can see the charge that they're making. they can also see what they'd save if they paid cash and the terminal is just really user friendly on both the client's part and on our part. And so that's my favorite feature.

How have your patients reacted to you implementing nadapayments at your practice

Samantha : So our clients responded really well, actually to us using nadapayments, I was concerned that there would be push back, that people would be annoyed at having to pay the fees. And it is not the case. I guess it's just become so commonplace that people know what it is. They understand. We had one or two people comment but they still paid and they still came. So I'm really happy with the system. We've had no negative impact from it. Only positive in our savings.

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