Patti Flores for nadapayments Video Testimonials

January 10, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Patti Flores, The Dental Studio of Midland

How easy was it to switch to Nadapayments?

Patti Flores: Switching to Nadapayments has been super easy. It was very easy streamlined, they help throughout the entire process. their team was very, very friendly and just no problems, no problems switching at all.

What's your favorite feature from Nadapayments?

Patti Flores: My favorite feature of NADA. Well, number one, it's user friendly. I love that we don't take that additional charge that goes to the patient. So that's really saved us some money. It's super easy to use and we like all of it.

How have your patients reacted to you implementing nadapayments at your practice

Patti Flores: Patients have accepted our method of payment just fine. We haven't had any issues at all with patient acceptance.

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