Blanca Hernandez for nadapayments Video Testimonials

January 11, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Blanca Hernandez, Harrison Implant and Family Dentistry

How easy was it to switch to Nadapayments?

Blanca Hernandez: It was absolutely easy switching over to not a payment, easy as downloading the app and following the steps. That's it.

What's your favorite feature from Nadapayments?

Blanca Hernandez: Oh, I would say one of my favorite features. If not a payment would be the auto payment. Um, it gives you different options. You could do it as a one time. You can do it as a weekly biweekly or monthly basis. Once it's set up, it will do it for you. You don't even have to worry about it after that. Uh Another great thing is that it will alert you if a payment does not go through. So that's pretty cool.

How have your patients reacted to you implementing nadapayments at your practice

Blanca Hernandez: Honestly. Uh my patients reacted very well once we started implementing that payments at the office. And the reason why is that uh making a payment uh became more seamless. Um It was easy for them to make their payment for the services that are being rendered for the day. They're already nervous, they're stressed out, they have to have treatment done. The least thing they want to worry about is getting up and having to walk to another location, which is the front desk to make a payment. But having that luxury of being able to navigate throughout the entire office with a wi fi handheld, not a payment credit card machine. It just made it so much easier for the staff and for the patients as well.

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