MYCO CLINIC Testimonial

August 13, 2023

Jason Stein of Wellness Renegade in Joseph, Oregon shares his experience using MYCO CLINIC topical pain relief products.

Video Transcript

Hey, my name is Jason Stein. I'm an acupuncturist out here in Joseph, Oregon. My wife and I own a wellness center that sees a lot of pain. We get a lot of topical products and it all started when I got an email about some free samples just like this. MYCO CLINIC pain ointment and so I tried it and my patients loved it. We treat a lot of pain. We treat ranchers, we treat electricians, we treat really small town stuff and, uh, we've used it with ultrasound, we used it after acupuncture We've used it with massage and it works. So, if you're thinking about comparing, I would say, check it out against your current topical pain relievers. And I think you'll be surprised. I was. I'm Jason. I'm wishing you guys a great day. Peace.

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