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February 23, 2023

This video contains testimonials from members of My Tech Academy who share their experiences and the impact that joining the academy has had on their lives.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Michael James, Cyber Security Analyst. Darren Brown, Retirement specialist , Principal financial . Chris, Maintenance technician , Superior Electronics. Avery Smith, Software Engineer, Melalogic

Michael James: Hi everyone. My name is Michael James and I am a cyber security analyst here in Tampa florida. I joined My Tech Academy last year when it first launched and I'm currently a lifetime member. When I joined, I was looking to learn about Cryptocurrency, De-Fi and other new technology within the space. And Eli has just done a great job within the academy at breaking down uh, complex technical information in the easy, digestible way.

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Darren Brown: my name is Darren Brown. I'm a recent college graduate who is currently in the financial industry. I became a My Tech Academy. member around three months ago. Before I became, remember I was active YouTube subscriber. Um, I started subscribing to Eli around January 2020, right before COVID actually hit. It was amazing to be a part of his channel back then because he was literally telling us what was going on and uh, you know, what was to come with this whole COVID situation. So for it to play out, it caught my attention and let me know that, okay, this guy knows, he knows his stuff. One...one thing that I have to admit that I am pissed off that I did not do is listen to him when it came to Ethereum. He spoke on Ethereum back then, but I was still kind of hesitant. I was still a broke college student, so I didn't take action. And to see to see where it's at now. It's like, yeah, come on now. But you know, live and you learn, so always execute when you get some great information. I want to put that out there.

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Chris: Good evening everybody. My name is Chris and I'm from Brooklyn New York I'm a maintenance technician and I've been subscribed to What happened to Common Sense for about six months now. A good friend of mine introduced me to the channel, said if I wanted to learn anything about crypto, this would be the channel to go to and best believe since I've hit that subscribe button, I've never looked back. I've learned everything I know about crypto, everything I know about decentralized finance. I've learned from watching what happened to common sense.

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Avery Smith: Hello, my name is Avery smith and I am a member of My Tech Academy and I'm also a subscriber to What Happened to Common Sense, the Youtube channel run by Eli White. It was through the Youtube channel that I got more comfortable and more familiar with how Cryptocurrency works and so I decided to join the academy and I became a lifetime member and it has been one of the best decisions that I've ever made for uh my financial wellness in my life.

Michael James: I recommend joining the academy to any new person who wants to learn and grow within the space. Um, and I want to thank Eli so much for all the work that he's put in and the courses that he has provided. Thank you so much brother. I can't tell you how much of an impact you've had on my life. My family life with just the information that you have provided. Um, and I look forward to what's to come. Thanks man.

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Darren Brown: With us being so early in this space to understand this information is really a blessing, like to be honest with you, it is truly a blessing to really be a part of this and really truly understand it because we're so early in this space. So, I recommended it to experts. Um, even experts, beginners, even anybody in between. Everybody should definitely tap in to My Tech Academy. So, lastly I want to give a big shout out to Eli I truly do appreciate you. Um, putting putting this game out there even before My Tech Academy, All this stuff you was putting out was free and that could have been worth millions of dollars. In the wise words of Eli... "Let your bag continue to pump!"

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Chris: I refer what happened to common sense to anybody that wants to to learn about crypto. And if you want to go further into it and you want to learn about coding and how to use the decentralized platforms and of such things, I would suggest signing up to My Tech Academy and going from there because you'll learn so much from, from the community in there, you'll learn so much from Eli and even subscribing to What Happened to Common Sense. You can learn so much.

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